Min: €0 Max: €10

Wildschweinohren 3 Stück

€4,20 * Unit price: €1,40 / Piece

Pig ears 3pc.

€3,49 * Unit price: €1,16 / Piece


€4,00 SRP €2,99 * Unit price: €14,95 / Kilogram

€5,50 * Unit price: €1,10 / Piece

€3,80 * Unit price: €1,26 / Piece

Pork leg per piece

€1,35 * Unit price: €1,35 / Piece

Beautiful strong pig legs of the best EU production, dried, the special chewing pass for larger dogs.Top quality at great prices!

Duck necks dried 250gr.

€4,37 SRP €2,49 * Unit price: €9,96 / Kilogram

A chewing fun without artificial additives, easily digestible and with high acceptance, especially suitable for sensitive, overweight and allergic dogs, produced in the EU! TOP PRICE!!

Chicken wings 250gr

€3,75 SRP €1,30 * Unit price: €5,20 / Kilogram

The individual treat in the right size. Crispy, crispy, a dog chewing article ideal for intermediate and especially for smaller dogs is suitable. From EU manufacture! TOP PRICE!!

Chicken feet puffed 100gr

€4,98 SRP €3,00 * Unit price: €19,90 / Kilogram

Puffed chicken feet, the special dog chew products for small and medium dogs.

Puffed chicken feet are the treat for every dog. The chicken feet are puffed before the dry, so open up, put into a honey bath and then ...

Chicken feet 100gr

€3,75 SRP €2,60 * Unit price: €15,00 / Kilogram

Chicken feet, the individual treats in the right size. Crispy, crispy dog chews, especially for smaller dogs.

Rabbit ears with fur 100gr.

€2,80 SRP €2,50 * Unit price: €28,00 / Kilogram

Rabbit ears with fur. This dog chew article is particularly suitable for small and medium sized dogs, but also as a reward for big dogs a great chewing article.

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