Products tagged with Kauartikel

Min: €0 Max: €10

Poultry nuggets 500g

€3,20 * Unit price: €6,40 / Kilogram

cattle hoof

€1,00 * Unit price: €1,00 / Piece

Beef jerky Premium 250g

€7,60 * Unit price: €24,00 / Kilogram

Premium beef jerky from the throat is distinguished by its not so large and thin sections one chews, the smaller dogs can edit well and ideal for reward. A high protein content ensures high digestibility and good usability. From food-grade animals, dried

Beef Tripe 250g

€8,00 SRP €6,20 * Unit price: €24,80 / Kilogram

Beef tripe pieces are easy for the dog and easy to digest and any size suitable for dogs due to their size. From food-grade animals, dried gently and without preservatives or additives.

Beef ear with shell

€7,20 * Unit price: €1,44 / Piece

Bovine ears are large and with an orderly cartilage, from EU production! TOP PRICE!!

Lamb nuggets 500g

€3,20 * Unit price: €6,40 / Kilogram

Bovine lung 300g

€6,50 SRP €6,00 * Unit price: €19,80 / Kilogram