Breeders Best

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NEW!! Breeders Best Alpha Energy 10kg

€56,40 * Unit price: €5,64 / Kilogram

New! Alpha Power 2,5 kg or 10kg

€60,40 * Unit price: €6,04 /

Breeder's Best Alpha Power
Complete feed with beef, fresh turkey and lamb for all dogs.
Humic substances, hemp flour, sweet chestnut and milk thistle support the digestive and
Musculoskeletal system and detoxify the organism.Suitable

Alpha X-tra Duck 10kg oder 2,5kg

€64,40 * Unit price: €6,44 /

Heidebaum Kauwurzel Gr. S, L, XL

€5,70 * Unit price: €5,70 / Piece

Hempcakes for dogs 100% Hemp

€4,29 * Unit price: €17,16 / Kilogram

Trainer Duo Lamb & Rice 250gr

€4,70 * Unit price: €9,40 / Kilogram

The special reward, small, soft treats in bone form

Duck necks dried 250gr.

€4,50 * Unit price: €18,00 / Kilogram

A chewing fun without artificial additives, easily digestible and with high acceptance, especially suitable for sensitive, overweight and allergic dogs, produced in the EU! TOP PRICE!!

Trainer-Mix 500gr

€4,90 * Unit price: €9,80 / Kilogram

With beef, lamb, poultry, duo lamb
Optimal reward during training and training through small and soft treats
no added sugar

Olivenholz Stab Gr. L.

€8,90 * Unit price: €8,90 / Piece

Collagen Pulver 100g.

€8,00 *

Hydrolysiertes Rinderkollagen ist ein hochverdauliches und vollständig verwendbares Protein für Hunde und Katzen, das häufig in Bindegewebe und Knochen vorkomm

Breeders Best Beef Nuggets 500gr.

€2,50 * Unit price: €5,00 / Kilogram

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