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NEW!! Breeders Best Alpha Energy 10kg

€53,90 * Unit price: €5,49 / Kilogram

New! Alpha Power 2,5 kg or 10kg

€57,90 * Unit price: €5,80 /

Breeder's Best Alpha Power
Complete feed with beef, fresh turkey and lamb for all dogs.
Humic substances, hemp flour, sweet chestnut and milk thistle support the digestive and
Musculoskeletal system and detoxify the organism.Suitable

Alpha X-tra Duck 10kg oder 2,5kg

€61,90 * Unit price: €6,29 /

Heart-Mix 500gr.

€4,50 * Unit price: €9,00 / Kilogram

Rabbit ear nature 250gr

€6,25 SRP €4,79 * Unit price: €19,16 / Kilogram

Rabbit ears lightly dried
Rabbit ears are ideal for dogs with an allergy. Kanichenfleisch contains a good protein with high valence. It is highly digestible and also sensitive dogs can get acquainted with this chewing article ....

Trainer-Mix 500gr

€4,80 * Unit price: €9,60 / Kilogram

With beef, lamb, poultry, duo lamb
Optimal reward during training and training through small and soft treats
no added sugar

€5,50 * Unit price: €1,10 / Piece

Hempcakes for dogs 100% Hemp

€4,29 * Unit price: €17,16 / Kilogram

Breeders Best Beef Nuggets 500gr.

€2,50 * Unit price: €5,00 / Kilogram

Beef jerky Premium 250g

€5,50 SRP €4,99 * Unit price: €19,96 / Kilogram

Premium beef jerky from the throat is distinguished by its not so large and thin sections one chews, the smaller dogs can edit well and ideal for reward. A high protein content ensures high digestibility and good usability. From food-grade animals, dried

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