Breeders Best - New! Alpha Power 2,5kg or 10kg

Breeder's Best Alpha Power
Complete feed with beef, fresh turkey and lamb for all dogs.
Humic substances, hemp flour, sweet chestnut and milk thistle support the digestive and
Musculoskeletal system and detoxify the organism.Suitable

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After a long and intensive development period, we are now happy to introduce our Breeders Best ALPHA POWER food.

A revolution on the dog dry food market!

Alpha Power Ultra Premium Hypoallergenic, tasty, grain-free dry dog ​​food, made with fresh beef, lamb, turkey and natural ingredients such as humic earth, hemp flour, milk thistle and edible chestnuts Alpha Power supports good digestion, the musculoskeletal system and detoxifies the body. Promotes, among other things, a beautiful coat and regenerates the skin of the dog. Strengthens the immune system and supports the body's defenses, thus ensuring optimal nutrition.

Alpha Power is also accepted by sick dogs or picky dogs. This top food often even contributes to an improvement in sickly dogs.

Alpha Power is suitable for all dogs from puppy to senior. Alpha Power can be fed exclusively for a lifetime. Switching to Alpha Power is easy and straightforward.


Beef, fresh lamb and turkey, potatoes, hemp, vegetables, linseed oil, animal protein, natural humic substances, milk thistle, tannin (edible chestnut)

humic substances:

They help to avoid health problems

They have a positive effect on diseases of the digestive tract (acute and chronic diarrhea, inflammatory diseases, mucous ulcers)

They support and stabilize the intestinal flora

They are a chelated mineral source (easy to use for the body)

They detoxify the organism (detoxification of exogenous and endogenous toxins in both acute and chronic poisoning)

They bind mites, microbial toxins, toxic metals or pesticides and excrete them via the excrement from the organism.

Positive effect on liver function

It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Milk Thistle:

Milk thistle has a positive effect on the liver and helps with liver disease.

It increases the rate of hepatocyte regeneration and has an anti-fibrotic effect

The silymarin contained in this plant has a strong antioxidant property and helps to control the oxidative stress of the organism

Supports the excretion of pollutants from the body (drugs, toxins, carcinogens) and thus the detoxification of the body.


The trace element copper contained therein improves bone strength and strengthens the immune system.

The tannins from the sweet chestnut have a positive effect on the intestinal flora and also against pathogenic bacteria.


It increases the immune system and strengthens the immune system

Activates and promotes cell proliferation of the immune system,

It helps the body to cope with infections and stress

It supports regeneration after injuries and surgical procedures

It has a cytostatic effect on tumor cells

It improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals

Supports cleansing and intestinal activity

Hypoallergenic: grain-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, without chemical dyes and attractants, preserves vital nutrients through gentle processing.



Composition: beef (45%), turkey meat (10%), lamb meat (5%) meat protein, potatoes,

Hemp flour, vegetables, linseed oil, Humac natur (humic substances), tannin (extract from sweet chestnut),

Milk Thistle.

Quality characteristics: crude protein 32%, crude fat 14%, crude ash 5%, crude fiber 7.5%,

Moisture 8%, calcium 2%, phosphorus 1.3%.

Compositions: Vitamin A 8000m.j., Vitamin D 800 m.j, Vitamin B1 min. 4mg / kg, vitamin B2 min.

4mg / kg, vitamin E 65mg / kg.

Bag size 10kg or 2.5kg

Feeding recommendation:

Alpha Power is a very high quality feed and therefore economical in the feed amount, since it does not contain unnecessary fillers!


Recommended daily allowance (g): Age in months: / estimated adult-on-weight


Alpha Power ist ein sehr hochwertiges Futter und daher sparsam in der Futtermenge,da es keine unnötige Füllstoffe beinhaltet!


Empfohlene Tagesdosis (g) : Alter in Monaten:    /     geschätztes Gewicht im erwachsenen Alter:

                                                                               5kg      5-10kg    10-25kg    25-45kg


                                                   2-3                        65gr.    140gr.      220gr.       340gr.

                                                   4-5                        85gr.    155gr.      240gr.       380gr.

                                                   6-7                        85gr.    165gr.      260gr.       400gr.

                                                   8-9                        85gr.    150gr.      260gr.       420gr.

                                                 10-11                      70gr.     140gr.      240gr.      400gr.

                                                 12-13                      70gr.     140gr.      220gr.      380gr.


Tagesdosis für erwachsene    Hunde: Gewicht des Hundes:          Tagesration:

                                                                      5kg                              70gr.

                                                                      10kg                           130gr.

                                                                      15kg                           185gr.

                                                                      20kg                           220gr.

                                                                      30kg                           290gr.

                                                                      40kg                           360gr.

                                                                      40kg+                         360gr+

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