Min: €0 Max: €30

€32,00 SRP €27,00 * Unit price: €32,00 / Piece

Beef or calf head skin poles 50-60cm

€4,00 SRP €2,60 * Unit price: €2,60 / Piece

Beef scalp

Scalp from beef or calf 50 - 60 cm

Extra hard cattle scalp dried as a rod. In order to determine the length of the scalp rods. Suitable extra hard scalp is for all active eater and especially larger ...

Trainer Duo lamb 200 g

€2,50 SRP €2,10 * Unit price: €16,65 / Kilogram

Trainer Duo Salmon & Rice 250gr

€2,50 SRP €2,10 * Unit price: €10,00 / Kilogram

The special reward, small, soft treats in bone form

Trainer Duo Lamb & Rice 250gr

€2,50 SRP €2,10 * Unit price: €10,00 / Kilogram

The special reward, small, soft treats in bone form

Duck necks dried 250gr.

€4,37 SRP €2,49 * Unit price: €9,96 / Kilogram

A chewing fun without artificial additives, easily digestible and with high acceptance, especially suitable for sensitive, overweight and allergic dogs, produced in the EU! TOP PRICE!!

cattle hoof

€0,80 SRP €0,70 * Unit price: €0,70 / Piece

€14,00 SRP €10,00 * Unit price: €140,00 / Liter

Beef jerky Premium 250g

€5,50 SRP €4,99 * Unit price: €19,96 / Kilogram

Premium beef jerky from the throat is distinguished by its not so large and thin sections one chews, the smaller dogs can edit well and ideal for reward. A high protein content ensures high digestibility and good usability. From food-grade animals, dried

Beef tendon 500gr

€6,50 SRP €4,99 * Unit price: €9,98 / Kilogram

Due to the particular hardness of the tendons of the dog with hours of chewing pleasure has lasting delicious Geschmack.Gleichzeitig they strengthen the muscles of mastication and clean the teeth. Digestible and well suited for smaller dogs. From food-gra

Beef head skin 500g

€5,99 SRP €3,79 * Unit price: €12,63 / Kilogram

Dried scalp - 100% pure meat from proven beef production! Hard, strong pieces, satisfies the chewing drive and supports the dental care of your dog.Top price !!

Chicken wings 250gr

€3,75 SRP €1,30 * Unit price: €5,20 / Kilogram

The individual treat in the right size. Crispy, crispy, a dog chewing article ideal for intermediate and especially for smaller dogs is suitable. From EU manufacture! TOP PRICE!!

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